Use our UK pension calculator to work out how much income you may receive from your private pension plan.

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    Pension Calculator UK

    It has been recently published that over two thirds of those in the poorest 5th who are working do not have a private pension (source:

    By using an independent financial adviser, you can gain a clear idea of how any current pension investments that you have are going to accommodate your requirements when you stop work and can identify how much more you need to save now to ensure that you are making sufficient provision for the future that you really want for you and your family.

    UK Pension CalculatorBy speaking with an IFA, you can discover whether the contributions you are currently making are going to meet your expectations for your retirement or alternatively you can gain an idea of the level of short fall in your current provision. They can offer friendly impartial advice to help you go about adjusting this imbalance so that you can be confident the investment you make is going to meet your needs, now and in the future.

    When using an IFA they will consider your needs and expectations for your personal pension plan. Are you looking for an investment vehicle that is going to provide you with a significant lump sum on retirement which you may need to repay your mortgage or to finally enjoy that luxury trip you and your family have been dreaming of, or is your priority a guaranteed monthly income that is going to keep you warm and comfortable for the rest of your days.
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    And if you are still undecided about how much to invest in your pension plan then discuss this with an independent financial advisor as making just tiny changes in contribution and retirement figures can have such a direct impact on the amount of wealth you will finally receive.

    Retirement potThere are many sites offering online calculators but these calculations are based on historical fact and are by no means a guarantee for the future, the results provided may not always offer you a clear indication of what you could be expecting to achieve in your retirement or help steer you to the best investment path to ensure all your retirement needs are met.

    If you have identified any shortfall that has come to light then consulting with an independent financial adviser can help you compare personal pension plans from some of the leading fund providers in the UK to find the product that is going to fill the gap and make sure you can start to look forward to your retirement with confidence and security.

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